History Award

Helen Caldwell History Prize

The Burlington Historical Society recognizes Helen Caldwell and her bequest from her estate.

In honour of Helen Caldwell's contribution, the Society has created an award for a deserving Burlington high school student.

The prize will be awarded annually to the graduating student with the highest achievement in Grade 12 history, who embodies a passion and curiosity for the subject, as determined by the Principal of the selected High School.

The prize will rotate among Burlington high schools, once per year starting with the eldest, Central High School, then the next eldest through a rotation.

2012 Central High School - Olivia Pare

2013 Nelson High School - Kyle Daines

2014 Aldershot High School - To be determined

2015 High School - To be determined

It is our aim to infuse the next generation of Burlingtonians with interest in the heritage and culture of their city in honour of Helen Caldwell.