Verbal Histories

We would like to offer something fresh and new - that of verbal histories or interviews, verbal vignettes of places in Burlington and finally a pictorial vignette of places in Burlington

Verbal Interviews:.

Our intent is to present some interviews done between long time Burlington residents on their views and thoughts of life in early Burlington. Originally we were going to edit these, however upon listening to them have dcided this would do a disservice to the complete interview. Therefore  the complete unedited interview  will be uploaded. We believe these will prove both interesting and educational to all.

In our searching we found 11 cassettes of interviews from late 70's on.

The first one we have put into digital format is WE Breckon Interview - Memories of Early Burlington with Jack Wallace Principal.

We estimate it was done in early 1980's. WE Breckon had a long life in Burlington. He came, as you will hear, from England around 1910. He was a wheat farmer and became the  Wheat Farmer of Canada. His name was put on a school which has since been demolished for houses. This tape provides some nice information.

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A more recent interview is one done by Anne Wingfield and Jane Irwin with Vicki Gudgeon in October 2009. Vicki is a long standing BHS member and Past President.



The next interview is a two part interview with Murray Fisher. The Fishers owned the farm land south of the QEW ( then known as Middle Road) east of Guelph line and South. It covered the are where the Burlington Mall now sits. The last Fisher house on the property was demolished in 2003 - Hertiage Burlington erected a plaque on the site. It sits as a nice green park by the QEW, Guelph Line and Harvester Road. Murray Fisher died in 1984. This interview was done in the late 70's early 80's.



The next interview was recorded in November  2009. Anne Wingfield, and Jane Irwin intereviewed Barbara Perry. Barbara is a long term resident and former Bell Telephone Operator. She recalls some of the stories being an operator and remembers some of the stores and businesses she used to visit.

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An interesting interview was done by Anne Wingfield and Jane Irwin with Mary and Sterling Cantelo. They talk about letter carriers in Burlington and life in general.



Verbal Vignettes:

We start off with three stories initially developed for Doors Open Burlington for the 2013 event....


The Ginger Bread House!

This is a small verbal description of the house as told by AB Coleman (Les Armstrong).

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The Lowville School and Park!

A brief description and history of Lowville and its surrounds!

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The Masonic Temple

The Masonic Temple is hidden from view as it resides on the second floor in a building on Brant Street next to Smiths Funeral Home

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Pictorial Vignette:

This short vignette was originally done  by the Burlington Historical Society and presented to the participants of the Tourism Burlington Ambasador Training Program. This Power Point presentation was presented by Ken Davy, three times by Dave Morris and twice by Les Armstrong. Music was subsequently added and made into the video format!

Burlington Historical Society Pictorial Vignette : To see Press Here!