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Brant Inn Memories$25.00
Brant Inn Memories

Brant Inn Memories. by Stewart Brown. 2008. John Murray Anderson turned the Brant Inn into a nightclub that grew to be internationally renowned and put Burlington on the map. With his personal connections with the Brant Inn, local writer Stewart Brown was able to bring the many memories of this once vibrant nightclub alive. Brant Inn Memories recalls stories ranging from the entertainers to the Inn's employees, from the club's owner to the building itself, in a way that will take the reader back in time to the dancing era when big bands, swing and jazz were the essence of an evening out.

Meet Me at the Brant Inn$15.00
Meet Me at the Brant Inn

Meet Me at the Brant InnTelevision Documentary. Written and produced by John Best. This highly entertaining DVD contains historic film footage and photographs, recordings and audio tapes which bring to life this fabulous entertainment venue and the exceptional showman who made it all happen. During the first half of the 20th century the Brant Inn featured almost every famous entertainer and  Big Band of the era. The Brant Inn thrilled patrons with performers the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Sophie Tucker, Fats Waller, Stan Kenton, Benny Goodman ... a list of luminaries that seemed to go on forever. This highly entertaining documentary features well-known celebrities and many others with their interesting and often humorous reminiscences of this fabulous place.


Catherine Bell Van Norman: Her Diary 1850$3.00
Catherine Bell Van Norman: Her Diary 1850

Catherine Bell Van Norman: Her Diary, 1850, edited by Vicki Gudgeon, 1981. 61 pages, illustrated. A glimpse into the everyday life of a young wife and  mother during six months in 1850. We see her coping not only with her own, eventually fatal illness, but those of her own children, family members and  friends. Insights are also gained into Methodist piety including Catherine's own spiritual struggles, as well as her relationship with her husband and the  general routines in the lives of a large, extended family. 


Some Jottings Along My Life's Journey, 1881$3.00
Some Jottings Along My Life's Journey, 1881

Some Jottings along my Life’s Journey, 1881, Peter Fisher, edited by Helen Langford with an introduction by Murray Fisher, 1984. 48 pages, illustrated. A brief notebook of reminiscences of his life in nineteenth-century Burlington by a member of a well-known area family.


Burlington: Memories of Pioneer Days$10.00
Burlington: Memories of Pioneer Days

Burlington: Memories of Pioneer Days, Dorothy Turcotte, 1989. 216 pages, illustrated. A history of the early pioneers, both United Empire Loyalists and immigrants from the British Isles, who settled in the Burlington area. Many of the names in this book are to be found among present-day families in Burlington. Covers the period from 1780 through the 19th century.


Burlington: The Growing Years$10.00
Burlington: The Growing Years

Burlington: The Growing Years, Dorothy Turcotte, 1992. 272 pages, illustrated. This book continues the history of Burlington as it developed through the 20th century. Brief biographies of early families and their accomplishments.


From Pathway to Skyway Revisited: The Story of Burlington$10.00
From Pathway to Skyway Revisited: The Story of Burlington

From Pathway to Skyway Revisited: The Story of Burlington, Claire Emery Machan, 1997. 341 pages, 18 colour and 145 b/w illustrations. This updated version of From Pathway to Skyway is a comprehensive history of Burlington from the Pleistocene Era to 1996. It is an invaluable aid to research in Burlington History.


Burlington Streets: What's Behind the Name?$10.00
Burlington Streets: What's Behind the Name?

Burlington Streets: What’s behind the Name?, Peggy and Les Armstrong, 2000. 89 pages, illustrated. A compilation of the origins of the street names of Burlington. This book is the only record detailing the naming of this city's streets.


Market Gardening on Maple Avenue$10.00
Market Gardening on Maple Avenue

Market Gardening on Maple Avenue, David Davidson, DVD, 2007. A recording of Davidson's talk at a meeting of The Burlington Historical Society. The Davidson family had a long history of farming in the area of Maple Avenue. Numerous family photos appear on the Burlington Images web site.