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BHS Digital Collections

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BHS Digital Images

Freeman Station - a digital collage!



At the Heritage Fair held in Feb 2013, Les Armstrong put together a digital collection of the Station for the Friends of Freeman Station.


We have included it here for your viewing.


See see the video: Click here!  



Heritage Homes and Neighbourhoods



Since the mid-1960s, members of The Burlington Historical Society have taken photographs of Burlington’s heritage buildings and recorded the stories of the people who lived and worked in them.

These histories have come from family memories and letters and from official

documents such as voting lists and census records.


In 2012 the newly recognized category of neighbourhood context was added. Roseland Park (1923) and Wellington Park (1908) are the first Burlington historical neighbourhoods to be explored for their contextual values.



This site is constantly being updated, improved and corrected. Visitors are invited to “Comment on this item”. Comments come from former Burlington residents, now living around the world, who often supply valuable digital images and information.  


Older neighbourhoods are remarkable for their special character, mature trees,  walkable streetscapes and proximity to public transit. They have stood the test of time, holding memories and

telling the stories of a community’s evolution.


Preserving older homes and neighourhoods is important to achieving long-term sustainability. Investing in neglected homes and neighbourhoods can be an opportunity to provide affordable housing,

improve public health, and revitalize and stabilize the community.


A healthy neighbourhood is as important as a good home!




The BHS is proud to show the following work of volunteers in our Archives, who took the time to photograph Roseland Park and Wellington Park. We hope you will enjoy the show. This was originally presented at the Burlington Heritage Day Event of 2013.

To view the show - please click here !